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Plight of the Bumblebee (And honeybees and solitary bees)

SATURDAY 12th March from noon to 4pm

At Kingston Environment Centre

Are you interested in bees? There are about 260 species of bee in the UK. There are the Honeybees and Bumblebees that nearly everybody recognises and many many types of Solitary bee. We know that honeybees are declining and so are other bees. They do an important job in the environment.

plight of the bumblebee

Find out about these amazing insects ...

  • Traditional beekeeping, natural beekeeping

  • Why we need bees

  • Demonstration hive

  • What has got into our bees? Discussion

  • Plants for a healthy bee population

  • Bee products

  • Bee courses and campaigns

  • Make a bee hotel

  • Bee courses and campaigns


Bumblebee Conservation Trust



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