I had a good conversation with Brian Mulley today. He thinks the Environment Centre should be assigning seed varieties for development by various community gardens. I like the ambition. I prefer to think that this year the community gardens around here will decide what to grow for themselves, see what they liked and was successful and save the seeds for themselves.

However saving seed of fruit and vegetable varieties is complex as not all breed true. The reasons, which are to do with the science of genetics is complex. So if you want to simply save and sow seeds go here.

The garden organic seed saving varieties are part of the Heritage Seed Library. We now have some of those varieties of beans, kale, tomatoes – including the derby orange and green striped tomato and the egg tomato. There are very many bean varieties in our seed bank now with delightful and nostalgic names. Please tell your allotmenteering friends about our seedy event.

Nobody needs to bring seeds to swap at our SEEDY SUNDAY on 11th March, its not a requirement. Just make sure you sign our petition so our team can stay here, doing this.

Writing this makes me think of The Good Life and self sufficiency. I wonder how many people are on the waiting list for allotments in the borough. Are we ripe for another “back to the Land” movement. With Brexit looming an insurance policy for food security I think would be a very good personal investment.

The Diggers
Be prepared – for higher food prices after Brexit

Our beans are your beans. Our beans breed true. Please come and get some. We saved some for you.